ERB Reference Network (FULL)

This assumes you're familiar with the original page, linked here.

My original plan was to include not only the characters themselves, but every mention made in the battles. So for example, in the verse "I'm like Medusa, stone a motherfucker if he looks at me wrong", I'd count it as a reference from Thor to Medusa.

However, as you can imagine, this added a whole new level of difficulty. In particular, two problems arose: (1) the web page became heavier than I'd hoped, and (2) the whole "click the edge and watch the segment" feature would be impossible, since there are more than a thousand edges in this new network. For these reasons, I decided to work with a smaller, more polished network in the main page.

But as an exercise in documentation, I've decided to make the full network available for visualization in this alternative page. As I've mentioned, most edges aren't clickable, and the page is heavy. But perhaps it will satify someone's curiosity! :)

This network is also available at the GitHub repository.

Last updated: 01-07-2021

Click on the edges to watch the segment.
Click on the nodes to drag them around.

Have fun!