creatures of inktober 2019

inktober is a public challenge in which you must make a drawing/"art thing" for every day of october, according to a pre-specified prompt list. the goal is not only to exercise your discipline (so many drawings!), but also your creativity (how will you approach the prompt?). overall it's pretty fun, if you can spare the time.

until now, 2019 has been the first (and only) year in which I participated. in addition to the official prompts, I established as my own personal constraint that each entry should be related to creature design, at least vaguely. also, there were days when I felt inspired and ended up making multiple drawings.

you can check the results below. I had a lot of fun! :)

1. Ring

2. Mindless
3. Bait

4. Freeze

5. Build
6. Husky
7. Enchanted
8. Frail
9. Swing
10. Pattern
11. Snow

12. Dragon

13. Ash

14. Overgrown
15. Legend

16. Wild

17. Ornament

18. Misfit
19. Sling
20. Tread
21. Treasure
22. Ghost
23. Ancient
24. Dizzy
25. Tasty
26. Dark
27. Coat
28. Ride
29. Injured
30. Catch
31. Ripe