A portal of portals

Since starting my personal website on neocities, I've rediscovered the joy of "surfing the web" - that old free-form activity where I simply let myself explore and follow any links that look interesting. It's an activity that fills me with inspiration and child-like wonder, as I encounter strange new worlds that I never imagined were possible.

For this experience to occur, there must exist places where the paths open up - corridors, crossroads, portals to another worlds. This page is a collection of such places: an endless corridor, a crossroad of crossroads, a meta-portal if you will.

The "collection of collections" presented here is not exhaustive, of course; it is merely a sign pointing to labyrinths which I've visited and where I've gotten myself pleasantly lost. Nevertheless, if you have a recommendation of something that would fit here with the others, please feel free to leave a comment at my neocities profile.