a ranking of the best tf2 songs

many centuries ago, a man named Gabe Valve published the acclaimed multiplayer first-person shooter video-game Team Fortress 2. many people liked the game and some of them even made songs about it. this is a list of the best ones.

#1: "S.N.I.A — Piece a' Piss (feat. Clash and Dagger & The K.G.B)", by mapagainstyourcash

this is M.I.A. - Paper Planes but sung by the Sniper. there are many reasons to like it: first, the original beat is already very good and its chorus fits perfectly with the sniper rifle's shots. second, the narrative has a certain coherence that I appreciate a lot (the sniper is killing the spy but the spy is using dead ringer, so he can keep on singing. it's a minor detail but I like it). third, the samples rhyme in a very natural way that doesn't feel forced ("You disgust me, filthy jar-man! HAHAHA, you live in a van!" etc) - this is not the case for many songs of its kind.

also let me just mention two other excellent songs that remix Paper Planes: Neil's Annoyed Grunt and Triple-Q's Ultra Super Hyper Paper Planes. maybe I just really like Paper Planes

#2: "Force-A-Nem — Mmph the Way You Mmph (feat. Pyrihanna)", by mapagainstyourcash

another one by mapagainstyourcash, this time "Love The Way You Lie" with the Scout singing to the Pyro. it has the same qualities as Piece a' Piss: the chorus is enhanced by the soundbite of a tf2 weapon (in this case, the Pyro's flare gun), there's a somewhat coherent narrative (the scout dies at the end), the rhyme don't feel forced (most of the time). my only issue is that the song is a little repetitive: the scout is fun to listen to, but 4 minutes is too much... nevertheless, I memorized the lyrics really well, I can recite them right now and have you ROTFLOL

#3: "Medic Gaga - Danke Schön", by thatscoutisaspy

this one is a parody of "Scheiße" by Lady Gaga. you can easily tell it's very different from the previous two: there aren't so many rhymes and the narrative is absent, but still, I love this one by its quality as a remix. I actually had never heard the original song before writing this paragraph and I didn't like it (but let's be honest, lady gaga didn't stand a chance).

this song makes me want to play medic, and I don't even like to play medic

#4: "Extra Dispensial", by thatscoutisaspy

(the SFM is not very good but the original video was taken down)

this is based on "E.T." by Katy Perry. it is also by thatscoutisaspy like the previous one, and I don't know exactly what to say - it's just fun to listen to! the spy's verses are the best example of this: "Move these things u-u-u-up. I don't give a f-f-f-uck". it's not as good as the previous ones but still has a place in my heart

#5: "GentleBot Hell (SFM)" by MisterMulluc

I don't want have any more tf2 song in the same league as the previous 4 so let me just show you the best tf2 video ever made and call it a day