- some things that I've done -

compilação de CD-ROMs antigos

last updated: [2020-07-30]

youtube channel where I upload 'silent let's plays' of old brazilian CD-ROMs

a friendly introduction to monte carlo tree search

last updated: [2020-03-02]

a visualization of the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm applied to Tic-Tac-Toe, coupled with a friendly tutorial (in portuguese).

mystery in games

last updated: [2020-05-03]

collection of interesting pieces I've found over the years on the subject of mysteries in games

favorite txts

last updated: [2020-06-09]

an aggregation of links to some of my favorite texts on the internet

bunch of opinions

last updated: [2020-06-09]

collected opinions on a buncha stuff (pt-BR)

softwares that changed my life

last updated: [2020-11-29]

a compilation of quality-of-life softwares that helped me save tons of time on Windows