this website is written partly in portuguese and partly in broken english; if you don't speak portuguese, I still invite you to take a look. let brazil enter your body...

Year of Health
Season of Return

Reading: Measure What Matters
Listening: Zsauce, Jungle Here
Playing: Baldur's Gate 3

At a certain point they shut a gate behind us, they lock it with lightning speed and it is too late to turn back. But at that moment Giovanni Drogo was sleeping, blissfully unconscious, and smiling in his sleep like a child.

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Summary of Changes

[2023-12-01] + página "novembro 2023"
[2023-12-01] updated "projects peak" with two new entries
[2023-11-11] updated "How to rip assets from Shockwave gamess"
[2023-11-02] + página "outubro 2023"
[2023-10-03] + página "setembro 2023"
[2023-09-02] + página "agosto 2023"
[2023-08-30] + página "um estudo sobre risadas na internet"
[2023-08-11] criada uma "newsletter"
[2023-08-02] + página "julho 2023"
[2023-07-08] + página "maio e junho 2023"
[2023-06-17] added sample to "spyro ost in unusual places"
[2023-05-04] + página "abril 2023"
[2023-04-01] added page "andalusian tilework"
[2023-04-01] + página "março 2023"
[2023-03-29] adicionado post no blog "um causo sobre fantranslations"
[2023-03-02] + página "fevereiro 2023"
[2023-02-01] + página "janeiro 2023"
[2023-01-27] + página "livros que eu li em 2022"
[2023-01-23] published my "barcelona trip" page
[2023-01-17] + página "CANTINHO BRASILEIRO" com toda a comunidade brazuca do neocities
[2023-01-06] changed homepage background to non-christmas values
[2022-11-26] + página "sobre as burocracias de um doutorado sanduíche pela bolsa CAPES-PrInt"
[2022-11-12] añadida página "trucos rápidos de español para hablantes de portugués"
[2022-10-26] + texto "assista The Genius. assista agora"
[2022-10-23] added page "only spain things"
[2022-10-12] + página "setembro 2022"
[2022-08-22] added crosswords page
[2022-08-22] added crossword studio to "projects"