this website is written partly in portuguese and partly in broken english; if you don't speak portuguese, I still invite you to take a look. let brazil enter your body...

Year of Novelty
Season of Work

Reading: Against Worldbuilding, and Other Provocations
Listening: Intro to Dreamcore Mix
Watching: World Cup

— ¿Qué te has hecho en la cara?
— Resbalé en la lluvia y me caí.
— Esa lluvia debía de tener un buen derechazo.

Summary of Changes

[2022-11-26] + página "sobre as burocracias de um doutorado sanduíche pela bolsa CAPES-PrInt"
[2022-11-12] añadida página "trucos rápidos de español para hablantes de portugués"
[2022-10-26] + texto "assista The Genius. assista agora"
[2022-10-23] added page "only spain things"
[2022-10-12] + página "setembro 2022"
[2022-08-22] added crosswords page
[2022-08-22] added crossword studio to "projects"
[2022-08-21] added a new mixtape to "music"
[2022-06-21] added "neopets tribute" page
[2022-06-06] added "simulated annealing viz" to projects
[2022-06-05] + página "maio 2022"
[2022-06-02] revamped "homepage" (this page!)
[2022-05-25] cleaned design of "portal dos cd-roms"
[2022-05-25] revamped "random" page (and its adjacents)
[2022-05-08] + texto "Desculpe, esse jogo não existe mais"
[2022-04-21] added "backgrounds" page
[2022-04-07] added "perceptron algorithm visualization" to projects
[2022-04-04] + página "março 2022"
[2022-03-27] added "as ruínas de neopets: memórias e reflexões" to cd-roms
[2022-03-27] added my mixtapes to "music" page
[2022-03-21] added a "music" page with my favorite albums
[2022-03-12] changed "about" page
[2022-03-01] + página "fevereiro 2022"
[2022-02-27] added "web tool for tree visualization" to projects
[2022-02-24] + page "cool stuff" for stuff that I find cool
[2022-02-05] + página "janeiro 2022"
[2022-01-05] + texto "3 dicas pra ler mais"
[2022-01-05] + página "dezembro 2021"
[2022-01-03] + página "livros que eu li em 2021"