You descend to the depths of this website, where the river washes away everything that does not fit neatly into the other categories.

You slowly realize there is way more stuff down here than up there -- in fact, the majority of the website seems to be underground...? Perhaps calling it "the depths" isn't a good marketing strategy, if the proprietor of the island intends to bring more tourists...

Much of the washed up stuff appears to be in good condition, and some of it even looks new! As your eyes rest upon some of the items, your thoughts are led astray...

Summary of changes (Artifact - 250)
Barcelona Trip
(super rare)
Andalusian tilework:
a history (special)
Caxy Gambá encontra o Monstruário (RARE!)
Tributo a Neopets (MEGA RARE!)
Bolsodex: a localização brasileira de Pokémon (Artifact - 500)
Free backgrounds! (super rare)
The Meta-portal (rare)
Expressões brasileiras originadas no futebol
Museu dos segredos obscuros dos videogames (uncommon)
OST de Spyro em lugares inusitados (uncommon)
Mystery in games: a compilation of texts
A ranking of the best TF2 songs
Reuploads de páginas web 90 - 2000
Inktober 2019
Useful softwares
Replykatie: an evolutionary experiment
Aggregation of webposts I like (outdated)
Media opinion diary (outdated)
Spirit Phone Fanpage (incomplete)
A verdade sobre o Coelho Sabido (incomplete)